Determining Fault in Single-Vehicle Accidents in Modesto, CA

March 11, 2010

xmotorcycle.jpgThe Modesto area sees more than its fair share of single-vehicle automobile accidents. Just last Sunday (March 7, 2010), there were three such auto accidents in Modesto and the surrounding areas that left four people injured. Two involved single motorcycles, one on Highway 4 and the other on Highway 49. A third accident involved a single car on Highway 4. Though no deaths were reported, each driver and a passenger received treatment for major injuries.

Often times, people assume that they are at fault when there's only one vehicle involved in an accident. However, a professional attorney in Modesto can examine the factors of your auto accident to truly determine the cause. Sometimes, manufacturers of car equipment such as tires, brakes, seat belts and door latches can be the real culprits.

Other times, automakers can be at fault. An example of this played out on Monday (March 8, 2010). The owner of a runaway Toyota Prius drove nearly 30 miles with a stuck accelerator on a San Diego freeway before losing power and finally coming to a stop on the bumper of a highway patrol car. Although the man survived the incident with no physical injuries, an investigation is underway to find out if the recent recalls by Toyota are the cause for this incident.

The important thing to remember is that just because you're involved in a single-vehicle accident doesn't mean you're automatically at fault. Many people simply bite the bullet and pay the costs of higher premiums and insurance deductibles when they aren't even truly responsible. If you think you might have a case, consult a lawyer in Modesto who can sort through the facts.