Modesto Premises Liability & Holiday Shopping Safety

November 23, 2012

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year as bargain-hunters hit the malls and stores to try to save on their Christmas shopping and score the hottest items of the year.

Unfortunately, what is supposed to be a fun holiday tradition can turn dangerous.

Many incidents of shopper aggression in recent years point to the risks that exist on Black Friday. From trampling incidents to shoppers discharging weapons or using pepper spray to gain an advantage, Black Friday has become a day that presents some serious dangers to shoppers. 737301_shopping_is_for_girls.jpg

Modesto injury attorneys urge you to exercise caution on this Black Friday holiday if you are hitting the malls. Remember, you need to be vigilant against people who take advantage of the holiday shopping rush to try to steal money or goods.

Tips for Staying Safe From Black Friday Crowds
Many of the reports of serious Black Friday injuries stem from crowd-control incidents. Stores and retail establishments are expected to take steps to keep their patrons safe from crowds, including setting up barriers and not letting too many people into stores at one time. Unfortunately, sometimes retailers fall short and people get hurt.

While stores can be held financially responsible for injuries that occur due to their failure to protect customers, it is far better to avoid being injured in the first place. To keep yourself safe:

  • Shop with a buddy and stay together. If one of you falls or is hurt, the other can get help.

  • Always wear comfortable shoes that provide good traction and good balance.

  • Leave a store or line if you suspect things are becoming dangerous.

  • Note where the exits are when you enter a store.

  • Don't sleep out overnight in store lines by yourself- always bring someone with you and one of you should be awake and alert at all times.

  • Ask security and store employees for help if you feel threatened.

  • Don't get into a confrontation with an aggressive shopper.

Above all, remember that no bargain or deal is worth risking your safety for.

Tips for Avoiding Black Friday Crime
You may also be at risk for having money or items stolen from you. The National Crime Prevention Council urges having a personal safety plan in place for Black Friday and provides tips to help you avoid becoming the victim of a crime. According to their suggestions you should:

  • Only buy what you can carry and bring a friend or ask a store employee for help if you are buying more.

  • Keep your credit card or money in your purse or wallet until you are asked to pay.

  • Consider using one-time use cards to pay during Black Friday shopping.

  • Avoid carrying a purse and keep your money close to you.

  • Approach your car with keys in hand and check the area around the car and back seat before approaching and getting in.

  • Refrain from leaving packages visible in the car. Instead, put them in the trunk or hide them where they cannot be seen.

  • Alert security if you see anything odd and ask for a store employee to escort you to your car if you are concerned about safety.

By following these safety tips, you can hopefully avoid becoming the victim of a Black Friday crime.

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